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04 tháng hai, 2021, 13:00


The weekend is over. And along with them, our favorite tournament for the biggest drift in the demo. We played the Skulls UP (QuickSpin) slot.
There were many participants, but only the following players were able to break out into the leaders. So who has the biggest drifts:

1 place. Player - @ VIKUSYA1911. Skid - x384. Prize - 1000 RUB
2nd place. Player - Alexander Volkov. Skidding - х343 (UAH). Prize - 200 UAH
3rd place. The player is Viktoriya. Skidding - х324.5 (RUB). Prize - 300 RUB

Congratulations to the three lucky ones. Thank you all for participating! But we are far from diverging! After all, there will be new tournaments in the demo soon ...

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