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01 tháng hai, 2021, 13:00

Who did the apple fall on?

How are our apple lovers doing there? Whoa! So there is a whole bunch of finalists here! Well, let's rake and figure out who made the most deposits to get the cherished apples.
Attention! Below you will see a table showing the current results of the tournament for the first week.

ID Number of points
1 8383113 5
2 23543644 3
3 79521521 2
4 66344168 1
5 5095061 1
6 34802013 1
7 60339525 1
8 61729550 1
9 85802968 1
10 87979183 1


And for those who do not know what the prizes are and where the apples are, read the tournament conditions below.

Apples come in many varieties, but not all give gifts. But the Superomatic apples still give our players a gift! Just look at these varieties! You will not find such in any bazaar:

  • 1st grade - MacBook.
  • 2nd grade - iPhone.
  • 3rd grade - AirPods.
  • 4th grade - 40% cashback.
  • 5th grade - 30% cashback.
  • 6th grade - 20% cashback.

To get a prize, you need to collect points. The more points, the higher the chances of winning!
How do I earn points? It's simple - make deposits. For every 400 UAH / 1000 RUB 1 point is awarded. You can also make deposits in installments of 200 UAH / 500 RUB in order to collect the total amount of 400 UAH / 1000 RUB. Deposits less than 200 UAH / 500 RUB are not accepted. The maximum you can score is 5 points.
Prize apples are ripe for our players. So fly in. But you only have a month: 02.02.2021 - 28.02.2021.
We will publish the results every week in the standings here. We will choose the winner on 03.03.2021 via random.org

Bon appetit to everyone and good luck at the tournament!

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