What's hidden in the Minotaur Labyrinth?

29 December 2020 г.

The search for Santa Claus continues! Today we go to the labyrinth of the Minotaur. An ancient Greek monster stole a New Year's gift and hid it in its catacombs.

This is the second present from Santa Claus - 15% cashback. Saving interest will help the finder in a fight with a man-eater bull.

Go down to the Minotaur dungeon, take the 15% cashback and get out of the labyrinth to continue your journey and find Santa Claus.

There is only one day to search for cashback: 12/29/2020 (17:00 Moscow time) - 12/30/2020 (17:00 Moscow time).

We'll have to climb very high tomorrow. The path for the next gift will be thorny and difficult. In the meantime, let's fight the underground monster and take 15% cashback. Everyone, see you tomorrow!

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