Squeeze pussy

10 November 2020 г.

There is nothing better to calm your nerves than a cup of tea and playing with a reduced wager!

Sit down at the table and have some tea with our Cheshire Cat. Why is he so calm and why is he smiling so broadly? No, tea without valerian. It's just that our Cat plays with the x30 wager. And he has such a smile, because we are announcing a new grandiose action.


  • Make a deposit of 555r / 222gr and get:

Wager - x45. Repeated deposit bonus - 55%. Max. the output is x10.

  • Make a deposit of 888r / 333gr and get:

Wager - x40. Repeated deposit bonus - 60%. Max. the output is x15.

  • Make a deposit of 1111r / 444gr and get:

Wager - x30. Repeated deposit bonus - 65%. Max. the output is x20.

The promotion has already begun, but it is not known when it will end, because the Cheshire Cat can disappear at any time. Don't miss the chance, grab your luck by the tail.

Hurry up for the Cat, because he has already put on a x30 wager and is rubbing it with his paws. Now your wager is only in your paws. Forward.

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